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Fume Hood

Fume Hood

Fume Hood Is Developed To Be Used As Semi Closed Ventilated Enclosures So As To Protect The User From Harmful And Toxic Fumes And Vapors And To Eliminate The Possibility Of Accidental Fire, Which May Be Resulted Due To The Emission Of Inflammable Gases During The Course Of A Given Experiment. Hence The Material Of Construction Of All Our Fume Hoods Are Carefully Chosen Between Industrial Grade Fire Resistant Commercial Wooden Board Covered With Laminated Sheets. The Work Table Is Made Of Granite. The Work Bench Is Provided With A Small Sink. Fume Hood Is Provided With Sliding Sash Made Out Of Glass Duly Framed With Sliding Motion And Counter Weight Balanced Mechanism. Our Units Ensure Minimum Illumination Level Of Approx 800 Lux On The Work Table. The Unit Is Equipped Very Diligent Heavy Duty Exhaust System, Comprising Of Dynamically Balanced Centrifugal Impeller With High Speed Motor Of Approx 1440 Rpm. Electrical Supply 220/230v Ac, 50/60hz

Water Bath

Size Working (L x D x H)

  • 600x600x600mm
  • 900x600x600mm
  • 1200x600x600mm
  • 1500x600x600mm
  • 1800x600x600mm